Vacation Picks

Every year the hot spots to go on vacation can vary. Over the years many have been in the top picks for couples and families like Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV. This year more travelers are vacationing closer to home to stay in budget. Driving to the beach or lake for the weekend has been a hit this summer for thousands of people. And camp sites and grounds have been gaining great interest again as people look to nature as a relaxing vacation.

On the east coast we have many great places along the shore from Maine right to the Florida Keys. Pricing per night at hotels and resorts can vary but if you plan ahead you can find some great deals. Midwest focus on lake and National Parks trips have been in budget. West coast has a vast selection of beaches, tourist cities as well as National Parks. Need help picking a destination then try the old map on the dart board. You just may pin point a new favorite vacation spot for life.
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2015 has had some hot spots for the United States of America this year.
1. Orlando, FL - still a family fun destination with theme parks and sunny day year round
2. Las Vegas, NV - couples and singles love this play ground
3. San Diego, CA - said to be the best place to live in the USA
4. New York City (NYC) - Time Square, Big Apple, Empire State Building and more
5. Nashville, TN - BBQ and music have this city on the list

If you are using your own car to travel make sure you have done a pre-trip inspection of your car. This should not only include your tires, fluids, AC, wiper blades but also your battery. Going out on the road and charging up your cell phone or other electronics via the car can put an added toll on the battery. Tire pressure and amount of tread should be looked at carefully too. Make notice that each state gas price per gallon of gas will vary. Some states like NJ and FL are know for lower rates and CA and CT are usually about twenty to thirty cents more.

Snacks and drinks for the road should be in the car as some rest stops and restaurants can be 50 miles apart. Water is the best item to have in the car along with non-perishable foods. We know coffee can be king to stay alert but don't force yourself to stay awake as you body will need rest and sleep. Stopping and walking around to get the circulation back in your legs can make the trip more enjoyable.

Missing an exit can be annoying but backing up on the highway is dangerous. GPS on cell phones or separate devices can save you time and notify you of faster routes. Today many devices are link to traffic watches so when traffic ahead of you changes your device can pick a new route to keep you on track and time. If you prefer printed directions it is best to have a current map of the area as well.