Tips & Facts on All Inclusive Resorts

All inclusive resorts are getting to be the best buy on traveling. You can pick a location and then sort out how luxurious you want your stay to be along with the level of dinning and entertainment options. The Caribbean is a popular area that hosts dozens of options with the all inclusive resorts. Picking the location of the resort can be easier then looking at a list of room options at standard hotels. Look at the ratings past travelers have left. This can put an advance idea of what you can get while at your stay. Some resorts on right on the beach and others may have a walk way to the beach or be a short walk away.

The resort rooms and the level of service the maids and staff provide is a highly commented topic. Many travelers will state that the cleanliness of a room is number one in concern. Travelers want the same level as being home. Many resorts have strict standards on how each room is attended to on a daily basis. Check to see if the resort you are looking at offers daily service or service only once every few days. Eco friendly resorts now push the issue that travelers should use the same towels and sheets for 2-3 days before they are exchanged or renewed. This is at times a conflicting topic as most travelers want fresh bath towels each day.

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Food and entertainment options are next on the list of travelers as they want options. Most resorts that are all inclusive have three to six restaurants. Check to see which ones if all is part of the all inclusive package. Some offer upgrades to get into more fine dinning settings. These fine dinning restaurants may require suit and tie for men and dresses for the ladies. If you are not willing to pack these clothes then avoid the up charges for these services. The quality of food from resort to resort do vary and you will see that pasta, rice, chicken and other lower cost foods are pushed on every buffet and menu. If you have a food allergy or gluten issue makes sure that they can offer you choices during your stay. In room dining at most resorts is an added fee. The entertainment at most resorts are limited but evening shows, day time pool sports or pool bingo is often a hit for all ages.

Traveling as a family vs. a couple to the resorts can be tricky as many all inclusive resorts have been designed just for adults or couples. These are noted up front and accommodations are tailored for this reason. Family resorts are just as easy to find with pools and slides for kids, day time kids activities, books, balloons and TV/Movies for the little ones.

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Price of an all inclusive resort can go from $1,000 to $5,000 a week plus your air fair. Most travelers are open to spending an extra fee to get the best location and options during there stay. If you are traveling strictly by budget then be prepared to stay at a lower end resort or lower rated resort.

Travelers out side of the county make sure your passport is valid. Your selection of clothes is proper for the warm weather and humid afternoons. Bring sun screen, bug spray and all your meds that you need during the stay. Cheers and see you on the beach.

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